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  • Q: My account is empty now, how do I add my documents?
  • A: There are 3 ways:
    1. Click on "AddPaper" and fill out the following form. If you find the paper in webofscience/sciencecitation, you may use sort-area to automatically fill that form.
    2. Or, if you currectly maintain a BibTeX file, you may easily import all you bibTeX content into your account by clicking on the button and upload the file using the left portion of the page.
    3. Or, if you use some other databases such as Ovid, etc. you can always output "Reference Manager" format from that database and import back into your QCite account by button and use the right portion of the page.
  • Q: How do I delete an paper?
  • A:
    1. click the title of the paper. This will bring you to a "detail" page on the bottom of that page, there are "modify" and "delete"
  • Q: What is "Bigname"? and how do I add new ones?
  • A:
    1. These "bignames" are usually the last names of the most famous, well cited professors. They should normally be the research group leaders or research project PI's so their names appear on many of your collected papers. The system automatically scan your documents and list on the left any author who has 4 or more papers. If this is not complete, we suggest you use the following method to manually add new "bignames". Note: "bigname" is not case sensitive but it has to be exactly same as the person's lastname. There is no fuzzy search yet. To add a "bigname", click the button.
  • Q: How do I sort the results?
  • A:
    1. Click on the column heads "Name", "Journal","Title","Year","Folder" and & to sort them from low to high or from high to low.
  • Q: How do I share my collection with my colleagues?
  • A:
    1. Click the button and select what you want to export, then a bibTeX file is automatically output and downloaded for you.
    2. Save this file and pass it to your colleague.
    3. Let him/her the bibTeX file
    4. Voila! He/she has all your data immediately!
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