We know filling blank is hard for everybody so thanks to Zhaoming, we have this tool to deal with copy&paste from a few popular databases.
Take the famous "[WebofScience]" (also known as Science Citation Index) database as an example: you pinpoint your article, copy from the title to the end of the abstract[leaving no space on the top or bottom] and paste everything into the "sorting area". Then, hit "fill the fields automatically" button. Please examine each field carefully for errors and hit the "update database" button to add your reference
Another database we roughly support is "ScienceDirect" database. To use this database, please copy from where the journal name is (as indicated by the graph) to the end of the abstract, leaving no space from the top). Please double-check the authors' name. There could be some errors.
Of course, there are occasions that you are NOT copying from those databases. In this case, we recommend you to copy from the pdf file or whatever document and paste into the sorting area. Then you high-light and drag the approperiate contents into each field manually.
  • If you want us to support more database formats, please send your comments [better with the javascript codes :)]to the webmaster by going to here